Anyone interested in doing an exchange in the near future? It's U.S. only so no huge overseas shipping fees

Round 1?
I'd like to get a round started soon. Who is ready and willing? As long as we have 4 or more we can get one started.

To participate you need to comment to this post. I will also need your info (fill out the questions on the "About Me" section and email to me or post on the list to members only).

So sound off, who wants to get a round going?!

Spread the Word!
Once we have enough participants we can get a round started so spread the word to all your friends to come join!

Also, don't forget that before we get started you'll need to send your information (read the about me section for the questions to answer), either post it here or send it in an email to the email listed on the bio (emailing keeps it private since then only those participating here might receive it).

Spread the word so we can get started soon!!

Welcome to all those checking out the community, we hope you will join us!
You do not have to be rich to participate, a bit of imagination and a really big heart certainly helps though.

We will get the first round started once we reach at least 5 members willing to get started so tell everyone you know!

Before the round starts everyone needs to check out the user info page and fill out the questions and email it to me.
I look forward to getting started so spread the word!


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