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Creative Package Exchange
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Organized mail exchange, have fun getting to know other people and recieve neat stuff in the mail.
This is a group for people who like thinking of others, like receiving stuff in the mail and enjoy things like "secret santa".

If you would like to join the group: Most everyone is welcome to join but since shipping packages to other countries can be costly only those who indicate they are willing to have someone from another country will receive a name from another country. Until we have people willing to ship to other countries we will only involve people in the United States (but still join and I will let you know if we have someone for you).
We will have "rounds" and to participate in that round you must speak up that you want to be involved, you do not have to participate in every round but we must insist that if you opt in to a round that you follow through. If you do not follow through we will try to work with you, but it is not fair to receive something but not send something to someone so a removal from the list will be considered if you do not follow through on the rounds that you say you will participate in.

The packages have very few requirements. Obviously things that are illegal to ship are not allowed, that includes things like tobacco products, alcohol, or weapons (and remember, liquid items such as bubble bath need to be ground shipped). Otherwise the options for your gift is limitless; you could make something, buy something, etc. Thrift stores are wonderful for affordable neat items to share (but be sure the item is clean before you ship it, sometimes thrift items are dusty). If you are a crafter you could make others very happy by sharing your cool creations.

Before you can participate in a round you must fill out the following form and get it to me (either email it to me or lock your messege to friends only so your info can't be seen):
Name: (real full name)
Address: (postal address where you can receive packages)
Email Address: (has to be in a active account where you can receive emails from me so you can get the name you have for that round)
LJ Username:
Age, birth date:
What do you collect:
Are you willing to send to someone in another country:
Anything else you would like us to know:

Each round will last a month, once you receive your name for that round you have a month to come up with you gift, once you have it please post a picture of it and tell us who you got that month. (if you don't have a way of getting pictures online that is understandable but still post a description) Then get it in the mail as soon as you can, anticipation is murder! Once you receive your gift please post that you got it.